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Dany0n Trade List

October 15, 2019
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Ad ID: 3656

I have:

3 white g2

2 blue sparkle pop

2 green sparkle pop(1 bad claw cut)

2 energel ( 1 camo and 1 blue wavy type design)

1 gold mettalic sunburst ( no ink tube and claw cut really bad)

2 zebra f301

2 frixion color marker

3 frixion color stick ( smaller cap than marker)

2 TUL clickers (metal tip)

1 TUL Mech pencil barrel

2 signos (not dx only tip)

Signo dx grip (daiso subs, 2 pastel pack, 1 mettalic pack)

11 rsvp black (med)

1 black sprakle pop ( claw cut but not to terrible)

I want:

Dgg (clear,white,black)



G3 (metal tip)

G3 (plastic tip)

Color twins (black cap)

Comssa (black cap)

Airfit ( tips, metal rings and grip)

Hyperjell (black)

Hi tec c (black)

Jimnie (black, grey)

Supergrip (white or black)

Feel free to ask me for pictures of anything contact me on discord Dany0n#9091

This trade list will change so check if I dont have something or have something before dming

*not trading at the moment*


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